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Concert of the Stars

A Science Fiction/Alternate History were the troubles and divisions of humanity follow us on our exploration of the stars and are common to our extraterrestrial neighbours. The Star People, space-faring descendants of an alien race who lived during the Permian created a civilization that would go on to colonize a multitude of worlds. They established a network of wormholes that allowed quick and easy travel between worlds. After their demise, we and an array of aliens embark on exploration and colonization of these worlds.

The Time of the First Civilization

The Time of the First Civilization(no te

On a distant planet long before humanity had come into being and populated the galaxy, the first sophont emerge. they developed the original civilization, created a global society and colonized the galaxy.

The Gift to Humanity

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In the early 20th century the human race was gifted with knowledge from the first civilization. wormhole gates which allow access to many worlds obit the earth with alien artefacts and structures found across the world.