I'm Conor Daly and this is my website. I'm a Cartographer, Vexillologist and Freelance Artist/Writer with a general interest in history, biology and palaeontology. 

I have a passion for the events that shaped our world. I am particularly intrigued by Left-wing politics and historical revolts especially in the context of Russia, whose history has stuck with me.


My interest in history does not stop with reality; I have a fascination with what could have happened had things gone differently, whether it be regarding historical events going differently or never occurring, to what life would be like upon other worlds, different realities and unique environments.


Palaeontology and the sub-field of palaeontology related art is a big part of my life and was my first passion. Mainly I’m interested in Dinosaurs (including prehistoric birds) and Pterosaurs, but my love extends to all modern and prehistoric creatures.

Artworks are made for entertainment purposes only, the artist views are not expressed.

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